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Soft Contacts: Restore, Don't Replace!

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

When it comes to restoration, many people focus on the structure of the house or building itself. Browse around our website for even 15 seconds and you can rest easy knowing that this is our specialty. However, after the initial panic of fire and water/flood damage has eased, your next natural question is probably, “but what about all of my stuff?”

Meet our Esporta Wash System. By using Esporta Technologies we have been able to make the restoration process effortless and stress free from start to finish (Even for “your stuff”.)

Traditional Dry Cleaners typically can restore: 40% of soft contents

The Esporta Machines used by SERVPRO typically can restore: 85% of soft contents

Using an advanced system of hydraulic action our machines can force both organic and inorganic contaminants out of all your valuable personal belongings.

So what can be restored you ask? You name it! Purses, comforters, couch cushions, sports gear, boots, high school letterman jackets, clothing, linens, Valentine ’s Day teddy bears, and even your favorite pair of socks with the sharks on them.

In the past these items typically ended up in the landfill, but today this technology has literally revolutionized life after an emergency. We have saved our clients time, money and peace of mind after a loss.

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SERVPRO Repair Division

4/16/2018 (Permalink)

Having a fire, water or mold damage to your home can be very stressful! While it is our top priority to restore vs. replace, every situation isn’t a best case scenario. Our goal is to prevent further damage from happening with a quick response but sometimes water damage isn’t found for several days, or fire damage was beyond cleaning due to severity.

In these instances we are able to offer repair services. We have highly experienced repair coordinators on staff that can assist with your repair needs following a fire, water, or mold damage to your property. We will work with your insurance carrier and do all of the coordination for you throughout the mitigation and repair process to help limit the added stresses of reconstruction.

If you have any questions about our services and how we can help, just call our local office, and we would be happy to assist you!

Thermal Imaging: Unseen Water

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Thermal Imaging: Unseen Water Thermal Imaging from a Commercial Water Damage

When it comes to water damages, it is the water you don’t see that can make damage even worse than it appears. Hidden or trapped water that is unseen could potentially cause mold growth to occur and make restoration more costly. For example, if your property experiences a roof leak, pipe break, or appliance/sprinkler malfunction and water travels through multiple floor levels it could be difficult to identify if there is moisture trapped in wall / floor joists, insulation or crawl spaces.

SERVPRO offers FREE Moisture Inspections to avoid these issues! Our Franchise is now a Certified Level 1 Thermographer. We use the latest in thermal imaging technology to detect unseen water. Although a surface may feel dry, water could be trapped. Your SERVPRO Professionals can take non-invasive measures to properly identify and dry water affected areas. SERVPRO can be of service to Residential, Commercial or Industrial Properties. We know what to look for, and how to help to save your home or business time and money in the future.

Seasonal Snow & Water Damage

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

It has been a long and exciting winter in the Southern Tier as snow piles are still high in streets and on roof tops even in Mid March.

What risks you need to consider with roof snow build up:

1. Ice Dam formation

  • When warm air rises from your heated living spaces, it warms the shingles of your roof and the snow that covers it. This leads to snow melting and dripping down to the colder edges of the roof where it refreezes as ice. Once the ice grows thick enough, it backs up further snow-melt behind it, causing water to seep under the shingles, and eventually into your home through leakage points.

2. Icicle Formation

  • Icicles often result from the same kinds of conditions that cause ice damming. While they may seem harmless, they can actually damage shingles and gutters as well as break and fall on those walking below.

3. Attic Condensation Problems

  • When your roof is suffering from winter build-up, especially ice dams, there is a good chance that, just below the roof, your attic ceiling will have excessive condensation. Moisture build-up is no minor matter since this can lead to wood-rot and mold. Again, proper ventilation is the answer. However, in this case, it is crucial to plug any leaks in the insulation on the attic floor where moist air from below might enter.


Is there a concern for flooding from melting snow?

Although it may not be probable, it’s possible. If there is rapid snow melt from warmer weather and significant rainfall at the same time there could be a risk for flooding or flash flooding.

If you experience any issue with moisture or water, please call our office for a free estimate- We are always here to help!

DYK: Behavior of Fire & Smoke

12/5/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage DYK: Behavior of Fire & Smoke Image By:

Fires can be caused by many things from candles, wood stoves, electrical malfunction, cooking/ grease fires, space heaters, and more.

Did you know there are different types of smoke & fire residue? Not only that, but smoke has unique behavior that impacts the way your property is affected by smoke.

There are two types of smoke: wet and dry. Depending on what is burning determines the type of smoke residue that is produced.

The various types of smoke/ residues are:

  • Wet Smoke: Plastic and Rubber
  • Dry Smoke: Paper and Wood
  • Protein Fire Residue: Prodiced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire
  • Fuel Oil Soot: Furnace Puffback
  • Other Types: Tear gas, finger print powder, and fire extinguisher dust.

Behavior of Smoke:

  • Smoke migrates to cooler areas, and upper levels of structures
  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems and seeps through holes that pipes go through
  • The type of smoke can greatly impact the restoration process

No matter the type of fire loss or residue left, SERVPRO professionals are highly trained in understanding the behavior of smoke and cleanup processes to best utilize during fire restoration services.

Keep Fall Fire Free!

10/26/2017 (Permalink)

This Fall be aware and fire concious of everyday hazards, even of decorations!

Follow these tips to help ensure you stay safe and fire-free:

  • Keep fall decorations like dried flowers & cornstalks away from any heat source and open flame.
  • Keep emergency exits clear of decorations so nothing blocks an escape route.
  • Teach Children to stay away from open flames. Be sre they know how to stop, drop and roll if clothing catches fire.
  • Remember safety first when choosing a Halloween costume. Consider avoiding billowing fabric.
  • It is safest to use a flashlight or battery operated candle in a Jack-O-Lantern. If using a candle place it away from anything that can burn and out of the way doorsteps, walkways and yards.

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Did you know there are 3 types of Water?

6/15/2017 (Permalink)

When it comes to a water damage in your home or business, it is very important to determine what type of water you are dealing with before attempting cleanup yourself or starting services. If you are unsure, a SERVPRO trained professional can help determine what the cause of the water loss was.  

The source of the water is what determines what "type" of water. The 3 types of water are Clean Water, Gray Water, and Black Water.

Clean Water: An example of a "Clean Water" water damage would be resulting from a broken pipe, back of toilet tank, or any unused water source.

Gray Water: An example of a "Gray Water" water damage is a washing machine overflow; or clean water that has set too long or gone unnoticed will become gray water, as contaminates and bacteria will start to grow.

Black Water: An example of "Black Water" water damage would be caused by a sewage backup or flood damage. This is considered highly contaminated water.

If you ever experience a water intrusion of any kind, it is always best to clean and dry the area as soon as possible to avoid further damage from occurring. Call in our SERVPRO Team for a free estimate of services.

Ozone Deodorization: How does it work?

5/23/2017 (Permalink)

The use of ozone can be a very effective way of removing odor from a property. SERVPRO may commonly use this method following fire damage cleaning, skunk odor to the property, mold or full property cleaning. SERVPRO will provide a free estimate of your situation and decide if Ozone will be the best and most appropriate method of odor removal. 

When it comes to successful deodorization the first step is to clean/remove or fix what is causing the odor, for example the best chance of success would be to clean the fire damage first, fix a leaking pipe that is causing a musty odor, or remove the garbage from an area before starting the ozone process. It will be crucial to remove items emitting odor.

How it works: Basically, ozone removes odor by destroying the molecules, bacteria, and spores that cause unpleasant smells.  Ozone (O3) is a highly reactive molecule and is very quick to chemically react with particles that it comes into contact with in the air and on surfaces.  The extra oxygen atom in the ozone attaches itself to other molecules, chemically changing their structure to create non-offensive molecules – eliminating the smell. *

For more questions regarding our deodorization methods please feel free to call our office and we would be happy to help!

Mold Damaged Documents

5/12/2017 (Permalink)

If your home or business has important documents that are affected by Mold, we can HELP!

We use a specialized process called Gamma Irradiation. This is used for cleaning/ disinfection and decontaminating documents or other consumer goods. In gamma irradiation, high-energy photons are emitted from an isotope source (Colbalt 60) producing ionization(electron disruptions) throughout a product. In a CAT 3 situation (sewage or flood water), documents are not only deteriorating but are also infected with all types of bacteria. In most storm situations you are dealing with CAT 3 water: therefore, most of the affected documents that you will encounter will be contaminated. If this is the case then decontamination is always a must. In Living cells, these disruptions result in damage to the DNA and other cellular structures. These photon-induced changes at the molecular level cause death to the organism or render the organism incapable of reproduction. The gamma process does not create residuals or impart radioactivity in processed products.

For additional information or questions on processes involving fire, water, or mold damaged documents please call our office, and we would be happy to further discuss and provide a free estimate for services.

Property Stabilization

5/2/2017 (Permalink)

Following a disaster, whether it’s after a fire, storm or other structural disaster, ensuring the safety of you and your family, or employees if the property is a business is priority #1. Once safety is insured, stabilization of the property is next. In many cases stabilization can mean boarding up damaged property. This is a burden that no one should ever have to go through- especially if it is your property that has been damaged.

Boarding up damaged property incorrectly could cause secondary damages such as moisture or animal intrusion, making the situation even worse. The process of boarding up after an unexpected damage can also be as dangerous as the damage itself.

Our team of SERVPRO professionals can board up the damaged property and mitigate and remediate the original damage, providing you with peace of mind while helping making it “Like it never even happened.”