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Seasonal Snow & Water Damage

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

It has been a long and exciting winter in the Southern Tier as snow piles are still high in streets and on roof tops even in Mid March.

What risks you need to consider with roof snow build up:

1. Ice Dam formation

  • When warm air rises from your heated living spaces, it warms the shingles of your roof and the snow that covers it. This leads to snow melting and dripping down to the colder edges of the roof where it refreezes as ice. Once the ice grows thick enough, it backs up further snow-melt behind it, causing water to seep under the shingles, and eventually into your home through leakage points.

2. Icicle Formation

  • Icicles often result from the same kinds of conditions that cause ice damming. While they may seem harmless, they can actually damage shingles and gutters as well as break and fall on those walking below.

3. Attic Condensation Problems

  • When your roof is suffering from winter build-up, especially ice dams, there is a good chance that, just below the roof, your attic ceiling will have excessive condensation. Moisture build-up is no minor matter since this can lead to wood-rot and mold. Again, proper ventilation is the answer. However, in this case, it is crucial to plug any leaks in the insulation on the attic floor where moist air from below might enter.


Is there a concern for flooding from melting snow?

Although it may not be probable, it’s possible. If there is rapid snow melt from warmer weather and significant rainfall at the same time there could be a risk for flooding or flash flooding.

If you experience any issue with moisture or water, please call our office for a free estimate- We are always here to help!

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