Recent Before & After Photos

Commercial Sewage Damage Binghamton, NY

This business had a sewage backup in the lower level restroom. The damage went beyond the restroom, and damaged the entire lower level of the business. Our clie... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Rochester, NY

Pictured here is a hallway of classrooms in a church. The fire started due to an electrical issue in the office area of the church. Despite the fire being put o... READ MORE

Flooded Office Building Cortland, NY

A pipe broke in a vacant office building due to below freezing temperatures.  The pipe burst and left about 2-3" of water throughout the entire b... READ MORE

Flooded Commercial Bakery Vestal, NY

This building sustained severe flood damage due to a local natural disaster. The entire building was affected by flood (black) water, and silt. The flood water ... READ MORE

Commercial Fire in Horseheads, NY

There was a fire in a strip mall affecting 3 businesses. Our team was able to respond quickly to set up temporary lighting and fencing outside in order to ... READ MORE

Attic Fire in Greene, NY

This is a home fire that affected our customers 2nd floor, roof, and attic. The attic had affected insulation that needed removal, and scattered smoke damaged d... READ MORE

Attic Fire Endicott, NY

This home suffered a fire that started in the attic, and impacted the entire property. After the fire was safely extinguished, the kitchen was left with a hole ... READ MORE

Flooded Department Store Binghamton, NY

Following a catastrophic event a local retailer suffered flood waters of about 4 feet deep. Notice the silt damage to the carpeting and floor. The after picture... READ MORE